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Meet Gerry
The wuss is not going solo after all. A few days ago, the idiot asked me to go with him. At my size, I’ll fit right in. I figured a long time ago that this old man would need someone to look over his shoulder. Come on, he is sixty and can hardly bend down to tie his shoes. After mulling it over a bit, I said yes. But under one condition. There has to be something in it for me. I have to be in charge of the blog. I said, you concentrate on rowing and getting us on the other side, I’ll do the writing, you know, the hard stuff. I call it as I see it. No tweaking around the bush.
«The Bear»
Swell's angel
So here I am, Gerry “The Bear”, an experienced rider, a swell’s angel. There is one wrinkle in the ointment. As you know, the details are in the pudding. I must wear this girly white shirt and pirate outfit. Lucky no one will see me in the middle of the Atlantic. So keep an eye on this blog as I do my best to spice up this boring journey across the pond.

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